"Please help us to turn the tide of indifference, and support our pioneering work to provide brighter futures.."
Simon Rooksby founder of computers for charities

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Computer Bonanza

Thursday, 25 October 2018 Published in Latest News
"Greggs" the Bakers donated 1000 systems from a national shop upgrade of 170 Outlets. Computers for Charities with Recycling for Charities was delighted with the companies choice to utilise the charities services. The bulk of equipment proved suitable for reuse, benefitting Charities across the UK

Alun Cope-Morgan Explains How You Can Help

Monday, 31 August 2015 Published in Latest News
Alun Cope-Morgan is one of our volunteers, providing his skills and experience gained from the Corporate World to aid "Recycling for Charities" & "Computers for Charities". This You Tube video explains how YOU can help. How to get your company, your customers and partners to donate equipment and benefit themselves.…