"Please help us to turn the tide of indifference, and support our pioneering work to provide brighter futures.."
Simon Rooksby founder of computers for charities


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About donating.

£50 will provide one computer for an Overseas school, and enables opportunities to send other equipment including food and medicines where required.

Gift aid, either through a single donation or standing order enables us to increase any sums donated by recovering income tax @ 28%

If you pay tax please ask for a gift aid form, available from Computers for Charities, alternatively as a company Form IR64 available from H.M Inland Revenue enables companies to benefit from additional Tax benefits when donating goods or finances.

Current projects requiring financial support include:

Recycling tools & equipment - £20,000 

Replacement vehicle to cover UK & Eastern European aid - £33,000

Establishment of showcase recycling centres in the UK. To provide training, sheltered employment and an environmental solution to the issues of waste. - £1,000,000

Funding to training to benefit youth and unemployed locally and nationally - £5000

The needs are many, your support is needed and welcome.

Thank you

Simon Rooksby
Chairman / Founder - Computers for Charities

Refunds Policy

We operate a refund policy. If by chance you should donate in error, please inform us at info@recyclingforcharities.org within seven days so that a refund can be made to your card's account.

You will need to provide in full the details of your transaction and show a copy of the "digital receipt" that was emailed to you at the time of donating.