"Please help us to turn the tide of indifference, and support our pioneering work to provide brighter futures.."
Simon Rooksby founder of computers for charities


Recycling for Charities born from “Computers for Charities” (Registered Charity 1107802)  was formalised as a Recycling Registered Charity in 2005

Formed as an eco-response to the EU WEEE directives (2007), affecting disposal methods and practices relating to electrical and electronic "End of Life" disposal and waste.

"Recycling for Charities’" vision goes further than handling I.T waste. The aim of People & Environmental focusing, and the quest to seek better & safer processes for effective Recycling, Up-cycling and Re-use practice in the Western World, and developing countries.

Thanks go to Professor Martin Goosey of Loughborough University, and departments of Northampton & Reading University for providing invaluable advice to aid understanding of the bigger picture.

  • It’s not just about managing our waste. More importantly it’s about developing real solutions to provide actual benefit; as opposed to the century’s old practice of just digging a hole and burying the problem.

RfC seeks to raise the bar for waste disposal. To this end we welcome the input of specialists; be it chemists, engineers, etc to aid the developmental work of sustainable and safer recycling processes.

Your help is needed to eradicate the all too familiar images of young children in India, Africa, Philippines, Eastern Europe and China succumbing to toxic poisoning from back yard recycling processes.

simon rooksby founder of computers for charitiesHelp us to turn the tide of indifference, and support this pioneering work to provide brighter futures.

Personally I owe much to my daughter Clare; who knowingly or unknowingly provided insight over these years; including the formalisation of Computers for Charities, and latterly Recycling for Charities.

Development remains dependent on crucially financial support and sponsorship. The task in hand is to establish a showcase centre of excellence for Recycling, Reuse and Waste. For which continuing donations of Computers and I.T equipment are needed, then of course more Volunteers are welcome and needed with varying expertise.

It is thanks to readers like you that much has been achieved. However the inner frustration remains when facing so much need of juggling limited resources amidst the pressing knowledge that time itself does not stand still.

Thank you

Simon Rooksby

Chairman- Recycling for Charities